JDAI Helpdesk


The Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Pretrial Justice Institute are excited to announce JDAI's new online community, JDAIconnect. This will now be the home of resources, discussions, and trainings for everyone in the JDAI network.

With the launch of the community at the 2017 JDAI Inter-site conference, new resources will now only be added to JDAIconnect's Resource Center; the JDAI Helpdesk will no longer be updated with new materials. Existing Helpdesk content has been transitioned to the Resource Center, and in the upcoming months, the Helpdesk will be shutting down.

Please take a moment to join the new community. Joining JDAIconnect is free—just register for an account in the "Casey Community Cafe" to find the resources that you're looking for and engage with colleagues in the new community.


JDAI Helpdesk at the Pretrial Justice Institute
305 Main Street, Suite 200
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Tel: 240-477-7152 | E-mail: jdaihelpdesk@pretrial.org